2nds vs Aberlour 

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St. Mary's 3 - Aberlour 3

On Friday St. Mary' were delighted to host a touring Aberlour 2nds team at Tweedbank. It would be the girl's final match of any kind this term and so there was a buzz amongst them to make the most of the afternoon playing against an unknown side. 
The first half was slow to get going for both teams. The girls still seemed to be in "warm up" mode for the first 10 minutes but as time ticked on things began to pick up. An unlucky foot in the St. Mary's D gave Arberlour a short corner which they scored terrifically in by a lifted shot. Our girls, however, were quick to get back in the game and charged on from the push back and attacked hard. There was great movement and stick skills demonstrated from the midfields Naesi, Abbie and Eloise and many strong hits were made up to our attack but not every ball was made in time and many went out of play without us gaining any advantage. However, one such ball sent from the mids was picked up expertly by Orla, who took it into the D and scored a brilliant corner shot at the Aberlour goalie. As half time lingered both sides were putting the pressure on to get ahead before the whistle blew. As the St. Mary's legs began to tire, Aberlour made a break through our midfields and with no one back to help support the two Jess' in our D, the pressure was felt and 3 Aberlour attacks worked the ball easily over the line. 
A positive half time team talk was had as the girls were performing brilliantly and not holding back at all! Errors had been made but they were recognised and a positive "next job" attitude taken into the second half. With only 1 goal in it, there was plenty of opportunity for a very exciting 20 minutes which began with some quick Aberlour attack but Georgia, Jess W and Jess K held their own in defence and cleared the ball well to our midfield. Sasha and Louisa were working hard off the ball up in attack and had gained the confidence after the first half to take the ball and work it into the D. This paid off no end as Louisa tapped a super shot into the corner of Aberlour's goal to level the score. Yet it was Aberlour's turn to then take control of the game and once again, they spotted gaps in our line and used it to their advantage, passing well between themselves and using their speed to get around our defence. Our lack of effort to get back and help meant it was another goal to the opposition as they conducted another strong, lifted hit at goal which Jess K made an honourable attempt at saving. 
So with Aberlour ahead again and time ticking, the tired legs had to strive on if we had any chance of taking back the game. The girls really rallied together and communicated well, with Abbie in midfield being the core of our passages of play. Some strong attacking movements led Aberlour to give away a short corner which Naesi took a strike at goal with and a deflection from an Aberlour defender saw us level pegging again. With only a few minutes to go St. Mary's really powered on and as the whistle blew they were awarded another short corner. It was Orla's turn to go for a straight strike at the goal but the pressure was certainly on and her fantastic shot went just wide of the left post! 
So a 3 all draw it was but a jolly good game of hockey! Well done girls. You played as a real team and I couldn't be prouder for your final match. Great job!

2nds v Aberlour2 for web

Jo Scott Aiton, 14/03/2016

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