Form 5 Pond Dipping

To bring our Microorganism topic to a close Form 5 have enjoyed a mini-trip up to Bowden Loch to examine the microorganisms and tiny beasts that live in the waters of the pond. They collected samples to look at through magnifying jars and found a variety of fresh water shrimps and pond-skaters as well as lots of Lichen on the surrounding trees and on the wooden jetties. Each group collected a sample of water to bring back to the lab and examine in even more detail using the microscopes. The children have also been out and about in the school grounds looking for samples of Lichen which is growing all around us. This has been a very exciting topic and has made us all very aware of the need to keep our hands clean to avoid spreading the unseen bacteria and viruses which are lurking in our environment.

pond visit

pond visit 2

pond visit 3

pond visit 4

Mrs Runciman and Mrs Stuart



Mrs L Runciman, 10/03/2016