Under 9B netball v Fettes 

Wednesday 9th March
St Mary’s 1 – Fettes 6

Captain - Cadence
U9 B Netball v Fettes 9th Marc

We had a busy afternoon of netball planned with the Under 9A and B teams playing side by side against Fettes.  The B squad were lucky to have nearly enough players to make two teams, so we played that way, with the first team playing the first two quarter before swapping over for the second two. 
First quarter
I was delighted to see Iona and Cadence work well together to try to defend but Fettes sneaked in one goal although Emily D was quick to move around the court to try to help get the ball towards our scoring end. 
Second quarter
Elena R and Anna B worked tirelessly to try to get a chance at goal but the Fettes defence were too strong and soon the score was 0-4 at half time.  I was pleased to see Emerson and Anna H try to keep the ball wide and find spaces in their respective WA and WD positions. 
Third quarter
After our team swap, it was a delight to see Elena R (who was the only player to play both parts of the match), score a beautiful goal with the help of Lily and Harriet.  The defence trio of Sophie, Emma L and Libby tried to keep Fettes way but unfortunately the opposition scored another two goals. 
Four quarter
With a 1-6 score we really tried to take all chance and change the score but with no success.  Eugenia tried to keep the ball moving towards our goal and the team worked well to find spaces, mark players and pass accurately but neither team scored. 
Although we were disappointed with the final score today, everyone played well and we tried to put all our training session skills into action. 
Well done on some fabulous effort and thank you to our supporters. 

Zoe Wright, 10/03/2016

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