2nds vs Longridge Towers 

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St. Mary's 22 - Longridge 2

It was a very frosty but sunny afternoon today in Melrose as Longridge joined us for an afternoon of netball. Will fingers getting progressively colder, the match got under way. In the first quarter St. Mary's were rather slow to get going and there was a lot of walking around the court as opposed to running. However, as the girls began to realise the match had begun they started moving about a lot more and got the ball into our attacking D successfully where our GA and GS managed to score 6 goals to Longridge's 1. The second quarter was better. Faster paced, better passing and more thought given to positioning and footwork. After last week's match, the girls knew the standard of play that was being expected of them and were encouraged to keep it at that level and not let things slip. They managed a total of 4 goals in the quarter which was good and some good defence prevented them from conceding any too. In the third quarter Longridge where moving a lot more off the ball and intercepted many of St Mary's passes which were being thrown to stationary players as opposed to players on the move like we have been working on in games sessions. Needless to say, they still managed to score 6 goals during the ten minutes but Longridge had a lot more opportunities to have shots at the net too. In the final ten minutes a couple of positions were swapped around and the girls did their best to keep up the pace of the match despite beginning to feel slightly lethargic. Longridge probably had the most possession in this last quarter and managed to score another goal, but once again our defence did a great job of getting in front of their marker and intercepting the ball in order to send it back up the court to the St. Mary's attack. Another 6 goals for St Mary's ended the game with the team's best score this season. 

Well done girls. Your confidence is continuing to grow and you now believe you can win! Keep your standards high throughout each match you play and always strive to play your best until the very last whistle. Let's not get complacent just because we are winning as there will be tough matches to come. 

Next match: Wednesday 2nd March, triangular vs Cargifield and Loretto at Cargifield, 2:30pm start. Any support greatly welcome!

Jo Scott Aiton, 24/02/2016

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