2nd VII vs Ardvreck


St. Mary's 12 - Ardvrek 9

A chilly afternoon in Melrose today but thanks to Mr P and his band of helpers, the courts were free of snow for the match against Ardvreck. Taking advantage of the home game, the girls were out practising as soon as possible and were fully warmed up and rearing to go when Ardvreck arrived.

The first quarter had some good play in it. The girls were passing well but our footwork, dropping the ball and contact on players let us down quite a bit giving Ardvreck a lot of the possession. We conceded four goals and only managed to score two ourselves but following that, the second quarter was some of the best netball the girls have played this season. It seemed like one of those "light bulb" moments as the girls started to pass the ball strategically between themselves thinking about their positions and anticipating the next pass. They used wide open spaces whilst Ardvreck were congregated in particular areas and they smoothly got the ball to our GA and GS who scored four goals in the 7 minutes. The third quarter saw us gain another four goals and it was evident that as a team there was a real buzz between the girls and a new found confidence in their ability. Ardvreck weren't making things easy for us, however and they were quick to take advantage of gaining possession and scored another two goals. The score was ten - six to St. Mary's with seven minutes remaining and it was vital that the team kept up the momentum they had created. Ardvreck took the centre pass to start the final quarter and moved the ball seamlessly up to their shooters. Our defence did well to gain back possession but the majority of the play occurred in our defensive third during the quarter. St. Mary's got slightly sloppy with their passes towards the end as tiredness set in but another two goals to us on top of Ardvreck's three in the quarter, managed to secure us the win. 

Thanks must go to the sideline support for being so encouraging to the girls and helping spur them on. A great game and it just proves that this bunch of girls can do it when they believe they can. Let's keep up the confidence for our match next week. Any support again would be greatly appreciated to keep these girls motivated. Well done all!

Next match: Wednesday 24th February, 2:30pm, at St. Mary's, against Longridge.

Jo Scott Aiton, 17/02/2016

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