Under 9B Netball v Belhaven

Wednesday 27th January 2016

St. Mary’s -2: Belhaven-1
Captain: Libby R


A last minute change of plan and so change of teams was forced upon us by the weather; The A68 was impassable and so Mowden couldn’t get through Jedburgh, luckily Belhaven circumnavigated the floods and a two-way game, rather than the planned triangular fixture, was the order of the day.

Fourteen F3 and F4 girls were split in to a blue team and a green team; the blue team were to play the first two quarters and the green team the remaining two.
Play was fast and furious from the whistle with the blue team showing us how to pass the ball rapidly up the court and in to the D. Our shooters GS/GA did a fantastic job and tried so hard to shoot; we were all thrilled when the GA managed to score just before the end of the first quarter.

Our defence, GK/GD/WD were given much more to do in the second quarter; they moved the ball about and managed to stop the opposition netting the ball. Mid court play from our WA and C was super speedy and it was not long until the ball was fed back up to the shooters.

At half time the St. Mary’s blues had scored 1 goal to Belhaven’s, 0.

On came the green team and they too worked hard- they were at a disadvantage as Belhaven had warmed up in to their game. That said, the greens learnt quickly and began to communicate with one another which led to some pleasing passes. The girls were reminded about not running with the ball and remembering to pass to their own team mates. Progress was impressive and we all cheered when the green GA shot her first goal!

The final score was 2-1 in St. Mary’s favour. A super game where every girl made progress.

Mrs FK Bell.


Mrs F Bell, 27/01/2016

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