1st VII Netball v Cargifield

Wednesday 20th January

Cargilfield 27 – St. Mary’s 12

1st netball v cargiflield 20 j

Team: Flora (cpt), Molly, Annabel, Stephanie, Lucy B, Lucy R and Cameron

If you negate the first quarter, the game against Cargilfield on Wednesday was quite an even contest. Conditions were good for netball, cold but nothing that can’t be expected on a January afternoon. The girls found the ball slippery and difficult to get to grips with, but perhaps that was something to do with the pressure Cargilfield were putting them under! Never-the-less there was some very impressive netball on show.

Despite ample time to warm up and get prepared for the game, the girl’s lethargic approach proved detrimental in the first quarter. We were not up to speed with the game and subsequently were subjected to a 10 – 2 deficit. However, from then on things picked up. Mistakes were fewer and farther between and our passing was much more assertive and accurate. The scores in quarters 2 and 3 were 4 : 5 and 2 : 4 respectively. I was pleased to see movement and energy levels improve dramatically – a shame it was ten minutes too late!  The final quarter was slightly more one-sided again, 4 : 8, a result of some sloppy catching and careless passing.

So, a frustrating afternoon but one with many positives. Good progress and glimpses of excellent netball from all concerned. Perhaps a more rigorous warmup routine at Mowden next week is in order girls?
Mr P.


Mr I Purvis, 22/01/2016

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