2nd Netball v Cargilfield

20th January 2016
Final Score: St. Mary’s 6 - Cargifield 5
Captain- Naesi
Written by Anna and Louisa

It was a successful match this Wednesday as we had a tremendous, yet tense, win against Cargifield. We had good passing skills and took many opportunities in the first quarter. Millie scored 2 goals early on giving us a confidence boost after the first 10 minutes.

In the second quarter we were still going strong but lacked special awareness at times. Cargifield were gaining more and more of the possession and got themselves a goal. However, when we did get the ball into the D we secured another goal too putting us 3-1 ahead at half time.

In the third quarter Cargifield were really warming up and had the ball in their attacking third a lot more, as well as many shots at goal. Luckily for us, with some misses by their shooters plus some good interception skills from our defence we managed to only concede one more goal. Once again, we were lucky to have our shooters performing well and both Millie and Louisa squeezed in another goal each.

We went into the final quarter with a 5-2 lead. However, 10 minutes can be a very long time and it was clear that Cargifield were not going to give up easily!

Things got pretty tense as our opposition continued to gain momentum and were hot on our heels for the ball. We became a lot more aware of our feet in the final phase of play and made some great interceptions to gain back possession. However, the Cargifield shooters were really getting their eye in and got 3 goals!! We managed to secure the ball back up our attacking third and Louisa had to make the decision to take a long range shot or give a pass. She opted for the shot at goal and to our team’s delight it went in! The final whistle blew and we weren’t sure if we had one or not but we were so thrilled when we discovered we had. It was a very evenly matched game. Well done everyone!


Jo Scott Aiton, 21/01/2016

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