U11 Netball v Cargilfield

Wednesday 20th January 2016
St Mary’s -8: Cargilfield-11
CAPTAIN: Jessica

U11 Netball 20 Jan

A super game of netball played in good spirit against a competent Cargilfield side.

The first quarter saw us equally as good as Cargilfield with fantastic movement off the ball and very good use of the bounce pass. After 8minutes we had 2 goals-the same as our opposition.

Cargilfield came back fighting and had certainly found their feet after the brief interlude. At times we let ourselves down with some sloppy passing and lazy marking; Cargilfield took advantage of this poor play and before we knew it they had scored 6 goals and we had none-they were now 6 ahead of us.

With a mountain to climb, the girls had it laid on the line, they either had to work to full capacity or face the fact they were in for a heavy defeat. As last week they rose to the occasion (see a pattern here?!)  Consequently the third quarter saw some lovely passages of play in the mid court, passing, moving and receiving were really very good-and commented on by our spectators. We won this 1/4 3 goals to nil leaving us a hill, rather than the aforementioned mountain to climb!

With both teams tiring the final ¼ was, at times, like a rugby scrum. A fair reflection of this passage of play was 3 goals to both teams bringing the final score to St. Mary’s 8, Cargilfield 11. So many if onlys…!

I was delighted with the standard of play today; we gave Cargilfield a good run for their money-so near yet so far! With Mowden, at home, next week the girls need to be alert and ready to work hard in every ¼.

Scorers: Rowan x 4; Iona x4

Mrs FK Bell


Mrs F Bell, 21/01/2016

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