1st Netball v Loretto

Wednesday 13th January
Loretto 8, St. Mary’s 6

This was our first outing of the new season and as we set forth for Musselburgh, what we perhaps lacked in preparation, we made up  for in terms of excitement for the afternoon ahead.

It was a bracing afternoon but not too cold and certainly very playable. We arrived in good time for a thorough warm up and practise and so should have been firing on all cylinders by the time we started at 2.30pm.

The start of the game was somewhat scrappy, from both teams. As the game unfolded however, greater composure on the ball enabled the game to flow better and shooters began to find their range. Subsequently, the contest was very even and was clearly going to go to the wire.

I left the game at half time to umpire the Bs at which point we were 3 – 2 ahead and the score at the end of the 3rd quarter was 6 – 4 in our favour. Seemingly, the Loretto shooters played exceptionally well in the final quarter to secure a win for their side.

So, having been ahead all game, it was somewhat disappointing to lose the final quarter and the match. Accuracy of passing and movement off the ball will be our focus as we head towards Cargilfield next Wednesday. 

2nd Netball v Loretto

Wednesday 13th January
Loretto 12, St. Mary’s 1

I missed the first half of this game although Lucy B had been keeping an eye on proceedings. Seemingly, we were slow off the blocks and allowed Loretto to secure a 9 – 0 lead by half time.

When I joined the game, I was quite impressed by the netball I watched in the 3rd quarter. We matched Loretto every step of the way and although we didn’t score, neither did they. We fought hard for possession and had we been slightly more careful with it, we perhaps would have reaped greater reward.

The final quarter again saw us play some feisty netball and we were the first to score. One or two lapses in concentration allowed Loretto to score a couple and then a third, but they by no means dominated the play. However, we paid the price of a slow start at the beginning of the game and were always going to struggle to make inroads on the 9 goal deficit.

So, an encouraging end to the afternoon. Plenty to work on before next week, movement and close marking being two key areas but this was perhaps a closer game than the score line would suggest.
Mr P


Ian Purvis, 14/01/2016

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