Glenalmond Creative Writing Competition 

On 7th November, Form 7's Eloise attended the final of the Glenalmond College Creative Writing Competition, supported by Mrs Hardie and her family. She read her fantastically descriptive entry to an audience in the school's atmospheric library. We are very proud of Eloise's talent, and glad that children's author Joan Lennon awarded Eloise with a 'Highly Commended' for this beautiful creation. 


The Darkness Within

Glaring amber eyes pierced through the inky gloom. A booming grunt echoed around the crumbling walls of the cave. There was a loud scraping sound as a pair of huge wings battered the walls ungracefully. A tinkling noise could be heard as a waterfall of soil poured from the ceiling. 

Indigo scales glowed the colour of autumn leaves. The dragon’s eyes blazed as they gradually became more vibrant. The cave stayed dark. The dragon was wrapped in a blanket of coal black misery. A painful noise of gritting teeth filled the space. 

Slowly, the dragon scrambled to his feet, clawing into the cramped cave that seemed to have swallowed him. Wide, chalky grey wings bashed the walls on both sides. The cave seemed to hiss at him, taunting him. Surrounded by walls, trapped in rocks, enveloped by misery. 

A roar of agony, despair, and helplessness was followed by an almighty breath of fire. It was the colour of anger and fear, crimson, saffron and auburn. A teardrop fell from his unsuspecting eye. It was followed by another, and another, until finally, he washed himself away. 



Ellen Simpson, 20/11/2015

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