Form 6 Let Loose in the Lab!

This week, form 6 have been asked to design their own experiments to show how change in air flow and temperature affect the rate of evaporation in water, as part of our topic on Changing Materials. They were given carte blanche to do this any way they wanted, with the proviso that equipment we had in the lab already was all that they could use if they actually wanted to carry out their experiments…

No two groups used the same method, which was very interesting. We had Bunsen burners, fans, safety screens, biscuit tin lids, the water bath, the hand drier all on the go at some point. It was organised chaos, and some groups had to deal with the real life disappointment of scientific endeavour - sometimes our experiments just don’t work. But remember, there is no such thing as a negative result. Even no result is a result! It gives us an opportunity to think ‘What went wrong?’, refine our method and design next steps.

However, on the whole we were fairly successful, able to show that an increase in temperature and an increase in air flow does increase the rate of evaporation.

We then used a template to write up our findings as a ‘proper’ scientific report, using a real scientific paper as an exemplar. Well done form 6.
science form 6

science form 6 2

Mrs Mwara Stuart


Mrs M Stuart, 17/11/2015

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