Form 6 West Poetry 

Form 6 West have begun their study of the poet Benjamin Zephaniah. To get us started, we read the poem ‘Nature Trail’, a fast-moving, closely-rhyming piece with 8-line stanzas, ending “When you have a garden/You will never be alone/And I believe we all deserve/A garden of our own”. 

After reading this poem, the class were keen to have a go at writing their own. Using the original ‘Nature Trail’ as inspiration, they put together one stanza each, having to negotiate rhyme and rhythmical beats at the same time as making sense! Well done to Rowan for getting so stuck into the task that she managed to write two stanzas. We hope you enjoy the results of our creative morning.

Miss Simpson

My Nature Trail, by Form 6 West

6west bz poetry

At the bottom of my garden,
There’s a worm, and a frog,
And a lot of little flies
Living underneath the box,
When I go to the pond
I see a weird frog
Chilling with his buddy
Who lives underneath a log.

At the bottom of my garden
There are forest green newts
And my guinea pigs snuffle
All about the leafy roots
My garden is my world
I am so very fond
Of all its nature
Especially the pond.

At the bottom of my garden
There’s a fountain with gold fish
They’re very, very huge 
And their fins go swish
There’s a summer house
With two huge shells
It’s full of pillows
And interesting smells. 

In the corner of my garden
There’s a big old nest
And sometimes the bird is
A big old pest
The woodpecker is hungry
He really likes to eat
But he is a vegetarian
He won’t touch meat. 

At the bottom of my garden
There’s a raspberry-coloured fox
And a treehouse made of wood
And Frederick’s old smelly socks
When you’re in the garden
You can see my house
Which looks like a marshmallow
Or a hotel for a mouse. 

In the corner of my garden
There’s a tyre-swingin’ snail
And the robins and the birds
And a bottle of old ale
Underneath the treehouse
There’s a stinky compost heap
And a worm underneath it
Singing about his friend the sheep.

At the bottom of my garden
There’s a mouse in a box
Sometimes he gets a visit
From a very friendly fox
He sleeps in the day
And is awake in the night
There is also a wise owl
Who hates the light.

In the middle of my garden
Underneath the mud and dity
There’s a worm and a mole
Which bit me, and it hurt
There’s also my cat
That found a wild rabbit
Watching ‘The Hobbit’ 
Is his very weird habit. 

At the bottom of my garden
There is a stray cat
He likes my flowers
But he is very fat
In the big tree
There is a red squirrel
It likes shiny things
So it took my pearl. 

In the middle of my garden
There is a big pond
The fish are golden
And the duck is blond
At night it gets dark
There’s a wise old owl
It sleeps in the trees
And hears the wolves howl.

At the bottom of my garden
There’s a wiggly, slimy worm
And a smelly little woodlouse
With a lot of lumpy germs
There’s a fat old owl
And a cute little dog
With a lot of dirty towels
Living underneath a log.

In the corner of my garden
There’s a hedgehog and a dog
Beside my favourite flower
That is hidden in the fog
There’s a very high tree
But behind there is a fox
And near the swing
Its house is a box.

Right beside the rusty fence
Hides a baby deer,
I never go to see it
Because it lives with my worst fear
Hiding in the bins
Are some nasty little snails
And when I stick my head in
There are some slimy trails. 

Ellen Simpson, 23/09/2015

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