Under 9 “A” Cricket vs. Belhaven “A” 

Wednesday 27th May 2015
On a cloudy and threatening afternoon, St. Mary’s Under 9’s travelled to Belhaven hoping the heavens wouldn’t open until later in the day.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. The rain started just before play started with the wind throwing its lot for good measure. The hope was for a two innings each match, and with Ruaridh winning the toss for St. Mary’s, we elected to bat first.

Frederick K and Fraser M opened the batting against two quick and very smooth Belhaven opening bowlers. Conditions already were poor and the ball skidded through very widely on the saturated pitch. It wasn’t a surprise that the boys were put out four times due to conditions but still managed a couple of runs off the bat.

Finlay B and Ed S were in next against two able Belhaven bowlers. The boys tried their best and, although bowled out three times, scored a very creditable seven runs off the bat, including a boundary. Even able bowlers were now finding conditions challenging as three attempted deliveries slipped out of grip to give three wides.

Ruaridh and Theo then dug deep to fight the still deteriorating conditions. They scored 20 off the bat and, with a couple of wides, put St. Mary’s back into positive scoring territory. Ruaridh hit two boundaries with a couple more just short in the conditions. Jake M and Alexander M now walked to the crease. With the help of wides, as bowlers were now finding it increasingly difficult, more runs were added to the score along with a couple off the bat. St. Mary’s were now on 210.

Tom J and Archie M now came in to complete the innings. Conditions were quite poor now. The boys added three more runs without loss for St. Mary’s to complete their 1st innings on 213. My score sheet, which was even under a plastic cover, was now mush with the pen refusing to work.
Belhaven went in for their innings but bowling was very difficult. Running up for them was not possible. Also, the kwik cricket ball was smooth with no seams to grip – many balls just squirmed out of the hands of the kids. Even bats flew through the air with lost grips!

On completion of the home 1st innings, the match was abandoned and drawn. The wind and rain inevitably were the winners, but well done to both team for sticking with it as best they could for as long as they did.
Mr. A Rutherford


Mr A Rutherford, 29/05/2015