U11 Cricket v Belhaven

Venue: Belhaven
Date: 27 May 2015
Lost by 39 runs

The day at the seaside started very dry but quickly turned to showers then heavy rain.
This never put our minds in a negative frame of mind!

The boys were as ever, raring to go and looking forward to the next challenge. Murray M won the toss and chose to field. Murray opened the bowling and settled into a very settled rhythm and in the 3rd over, bowled out their opener with a bowl on middle stump.  Otto was bowling at the other end and bowled very accurately in trying conditions as the rain was beginning to fall. Will S then came to the crease and bowled brilliantly earning 2 consecutive wickets and was very close on a hatrick - a fantastic over.

Hamish G and Hamish M had overs and were very unlucky on a few occasions as the wicket was proving tricky to keep a steady foot hold. Both were very close to obtaining wickets. Lachlan and Rudi had a number of overs and Lachlan got one wicket taken by Will S standing at point – an incredible diving catch Jonty Rhodes would have been proud of – well done!

In the field, there were a number of boundaries that could have been prevented by putting bodies behind the ball and not feet! We have talked about this extensively – the boys will learn! Wilfie B had a very good day in the field preventing a number of would be boundaries. Tommy at wicky had a slippery day as the ball was so wet it kept slipping out of his gloves.

After 20 overs, Belhaven had hit 149 runs to chase after lunch.

It was touch and go whether to play on after lunch but we live in Scotland, rain happens, we just got on with it!

Rudi and Murray opened and set a very high run rate and were settled in well before unfortunately Murray was bowled by some very good bowling from Belhaven. Belhaven had some very fast and accurate bowlers. Lachlan came in and batted very solidly until Rudi then got bowled by the same bowler. Rudi hit a solid 14 runs before Will came in. Lachlan and Will built a good partnership before Will got bowled for 9 runs. Will has improved his batting in every game. Tommy came in and unfortunately did not take a proper guard and left his stumps open for a bowl on the off stump. Liam B came in and started to bat very nicely alongside Lachlan but unfortunately after Lachlan had hit a 6 (which almost went through a moving car!), a few 4s and some singles, he got bowled for a solid 22 runs. Liam and Hamish M held the fort for a while until Hamish got bowled for Hamish G to come in and unfortunately after some good running initially got bowled as well. Liam batted very well earning himself 23 runs after being caught by a very good catch at silly mid off.
Wilfie, who got bowled  in the 19th over after hitting some very good 4s and a few singles had a very solid run. Otto and Joseph batted very well indeed to close out the St Mary’s innings for 110 for 9 after 20 overs.

It was a frustrating end in atrocious conditions but the boys stuck in well and we have learnt massive lessons since our last game and we are making less mistakes in our decision making when running and our technique is greatly improved in the field.
Next job – onwards and upwards.


Mr RE Mill, 28/05/2015