U9Bs v Belhaven

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Today’s Match was a wet and windy affair, we arrived at Belhaven in high hopes of playing a full game of cricket, but due to the weather it was called short; this was not before both sides got a full innings each. It was testament to the St Mary’s boys grit and determination seeing them play through the down pour that caused a number of troubles for them, one of which saw one batter having the bat slip from his grasp mid swing and fly a fair distance away (it’s fair to say this scenario is not something that we teach them to deal with).

St Mary’s fielded well against a well-trained Belhaven team who tested the concentration and reactions of the St Marys fielding skills. It was excellent to see a number of boys sprinting to retrieve well struck balls and stopping the scoring of 4’s on a number of occasions. The bowling was to a good standard, with only a couple of wide balls between the whole team, although we still need practice backing up behind the stumps instead of in front of them, for this was the cause of an extra few runs being scored against us, which could have been avoided. It was also in this time that a number of boys made a good pitch to be in the A team, we will see!

The St Mary’s Boys were 2nd out to bat after opting to field first. all pairs gave a good show of batting, hitting balls on both right and left sides of the wicket, against the norm of a predominantly Right sided game. Although it was hard for them to get a good grip on the game due to the poor playing conditions causing balls to have poor bounce and conditions underfoot becoming increasingly more slippery which I believe lead to a bit more caution when deciding to run or not. This lead to a couple of over being finished with no runs scored even though balls were stuck well by the pairing. In the end we were defeated, but I saw good promise in a team that works hard and has an excellent attitude to playing, even when the conditions got tough.

Onwards and upwards

Angus Hawking (Gap)

A Hawking, 28/05/2015