U11 Cricket v Mowden Hall

Venue: Mowden Hall
Date: 13 May 2015
Lost by 21 runs

After a very long bus journey down south the Under 11s took on Mowden Hall in a wonderful setting. The wicket was perfect with great views over the rolling countryside around Newcastle.

After inspecting the wicket, Murray M won the toss and chose to field.

The team were on the money and concentrating from the outset. Murray opened the bowling and immediately the reactions and accuracy were looking sharp from everyone. The fielding was good in and Tommy DB was having a stormer behind the wicket and he continued to do so all day.

Hamish M bowled at the other end and unfortunately no wickets were taken in the first 7 overs. Mowden’s batsmen were strong. Will S, Lachlan F and Wilfie B all had overs and some opportunities for catches were missed but many runs were stopped with the boys’ technique far better on the ground. Long barriers were being seen aplenty and we were all walking in well. Rudi B bowled next and eventually managed to take the second batsman’s wicket with a wonderful catch from Will S. An important wicket as this batsmen racked up 40 runs.

Rudi then got the 2nd wicket (their 3rd batsman) with a wonderful run out by Tommy at wicky. The accuracy of the throwing was very good – night and day from our first match.

Hamish G then came in to bowl and what a great couple of overs he had taking 2 wicket, one of which, he bowled their opener for 30 runs. His second wicket came from a great bowl in which the batsman amazingly decided to run but Tommy was on his mettle and ran out their 4th Batsman. Will S came back again and picked up a wicket from a beautiful throw from Lachlan from mid-wicket to smash the stumps and run out their 5th batman. Great fielding! Otto K looked sharp in his over and at the end of the innings; Mowden scored 91 runs for 5 wickets.

After a quick turnaround, Murray and Rudi opened the batting and were playing themselves in well but runs had to be hit at a faster rate. It was solid batting but we needed to get more runs as the overs ticked away. Murray hit a good 7 runs before being bowled by a swinging bowl on leg stump. Lachlan came to the crease with Rudi but Rudi was dismissed not long after for 3 runs this time for being run out. A run that was risky but makeable.

Lachlan proceeded to bat with Will S and both matured into a good partnership. Lachlan was hitting singles and 4s every second bowl – a brilliant run rate but alas was just a wee bit too late as the overs ticked over the 12 over mark as we were playing 20 overs. Will was looking strong but unfortunately got bowled for 4 runs by another good bowl. Hamish M came in to help Lachlan on the 15th over and played well. Lachlan then tried to hit out as he was doing so well all day and got bowled for a brilliant 37 runs – a fantastic innings!

It was up to Hamish M and Hamish G to try and finish off. It wasn’t to be and eventually ended with 70 runs for 4 wickets.
A great effort today and a very proud performance. The attitude was brilliant - let’s keep the head up and minds switched on going forward.

Next  job.
Well done.

Mr RE Mill, 14/05/2015