Lower Transition visit Mr Morris

Monday 27th April

On Monday Lower Transition visited Mr Morris in the Science Lab to find out about electricity. First of all Mr Morris reminded us how dangerous electricity could be and that it was not something that we should play with. He showed us how electricity could help make things work with a light bulb moment for Finlay and how he could magically put out light just with his hands! He demonstrated how electricity likes to find the shortest route to travel and how it can make things move. We saw sparks of electricity flash with the Van der Graaff generator and statically charged Mrs Fresle! We were able to try out lots of different ways to show static electricity and brought equipment back to the classroom to carry on our investigations. Look out for more pictures on the website.
LT - Science

LT - Science 2

LT - Science 3

LT - Science 4

LT - Science 5

Miss Renwick

Jules Birdsall, 04/05/2015

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