St Mary's U11B v Fettes Cricket


With a prompt start, the Under 11 B cricket squad began the fair journey to Edinburgh, where they would be facing Fettes College in the first of many fixtures this summer term. Under the supervision of Mr Morris and Mr Brown, the boys were in for a pleasant afternoons shift on the back fields running alongside Ferry Road, with a super view of Arthur’s seat and the Old College to the south. The perfect setting for a bit of kwik cricket.

St Mary’s won the toss and decided to Bowl first. 20 overs were completed with the following statistics, 19 wide bowls, 8 no bowls, 69 on target, and taking 4 wickets. On the whole it was not a bad stint, with the Fettes batters gathering a total of 74 runs, giving them a total of 274 overall. A tea break was taken half way through, this innings where sandwiches and cakes were in abundance.

Next, it was the turn of St Mary’s to bat. With much prior practice in the nets, the lads were keen to test themselves against an unknown opposition. The Fettes bowlers had fewer balls on target, a total of 59, 19 wide bowls, 7 no bowls, however they managed to snaffle up 9 wickets,  which ultimately led to our boys gathering 51 runs and losing out, despite many well placed hits.

All the lads would agree despite the loss, it was a great afternoon in the sun, and each of them has a good idea on where improvement can be made. For example, spacing in the field and decision making when bating. However on a strong note, there were some excellent catches and some spot on bowling and batting from the whole team.

Mr J Brown, 27/04/2015