World Book Day - Form 8 Favourites

In honour of World Book Day this coming Thursday, I asked our current Form 8, all of whom are keen readers, to pick a book from their past that really fired up their love of literature.
After a good half hour of ‘spirited’ debate with each other, and no small measure of painstaking decision-making, they came up with the following list.
Have a look through; there are recommendations for almost every age.
Miss Simpson
Sasha N: ‘Spy Pups’, Andrew Cope.
I read this book when I was very young, and the reason why I loved it so much is because of the adventures that the puppies went on. Also, my dog was called Spud, and that’s the name of one of the dogs in the book.
Cameron: ‘Cosmic’, Frank Cottrell Boyce.
This book is super-funny, and makes you want to read more and more of it… and then to read it again.
Liv: ‘Cool’, Michael Morpurgo.
I started this when I was 7, and I instantly fell in love because it begins very sadly, then has a great happy ending. I’ve always loved this book, because I had a very sweet dog like Lucky, so I really related to Robbie.

Book 1

Ellen: ‘Little House in the Big Woods’, Laura Ingalls Wilder.
I loved this book when I was young, as it’s so beautifully sweet. It brings the old American countryside to life, and it’s such a great description of their life that it made me fall in love with it.
Callum: ‘Holes’, Louis Sachar.
I read this book in Form 6, and I loved all the characters, especially Zig Zag. The bit that I liked most in the book was when Mr Sir talks about the yellow-spotted lizards and other dangerous creatures in the camp. Since reading it, I have read the sequel, ‘Small Steps’.
Georgina: ‘Pippi Longstocking’, Astrid Lindgren.
This was really fun, and rather crazy. Pippi did things that I would have loved to do, and was like my secret life that I shared with her. I would always love to read it, then read it again and again. It’s the type of book that you make up your own stories to at night. I read this when I was young; around 6 or 7.

book 4

Sophie: ‘The Pony Club Secrets’, Stacy Gregg.
I read this book at a very young age. The reason that I love it is that, being horse-mad, I loved reading about how she goes on adventures with her pony Mystic, which looked like my pony, Cinders.
Louisa: ‘Luci Attwell’s Annual’, Lucie Attwell.
Simple 2-years onwards story-telling in an old-style book. Given to me by previous family members to help me sleep at a young age. Really sweet and easy story lines, with many short stories in one book.

book 3

Sasha R: ‘Swallows and Amazons’, Arthur Ransome.
I read it when I was 9, and someone read it to me when I was 7. I really enjoy it.
Christopher: ‘The Recruit’, Robert Muchamore.
This book was action-packed, and had a great plot. It got be back into reading, and made it fun again. The characters are all really easy to imagine, and I can really picture all the scenes. It’s a great book; easy to understand, and sometimes to relate to.
Naomi: ‘The Snow Merchant’, Sam Gayton.
I was about 9 when I read this book. I was enraptured by it, and devoted all of my time to it. Its unexpected ending, and curious start, made the book even more memorable.

Georgie: ‘Coram Boy’, Jamila Gavin.
 I read the playscript of this book first, then Miss Simpson gave me the novel. I really enjoyed the historical side of the book, and the time changes, and how people’s lives can easily become mixed up. This book gave me many emotions.

book 2

Charlotte: ‘The Bad Queen’, Carolyn Meyer.
I read this recently and was intrigued by the adventure of young Marie-Antoinette, destined to marry the Dauphin of France. However, throughout her reign, she suffers greatly at the same time as she indulges in expensive parties.
Sebastian: ‘Young Bond: Silverfin’, Charlie Higson.
This book had a great plot, and was gripping until the end. I read this when I was young, but read it again later and it made a lot more sense to me. There are some grizzly parts but the humour is consistent throughout. Great book!

book 5


Miss E Simpson, 02/03/2015

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