Form 8 Poetry

Having spent a busy Easter break revising figurative language techniques ahead of their Common Entrance poetry comprehension, Form 8 got right back into the swing of things this week by creating compositions of their own.
They read Maurya Simon’s poem, “The Fishermen at Guasti Park”, which starts with the line ‘In the first days of summer…’, and analysed how Simon had used poetic techniques to create a strong and emotive sense of a summer ‘moment’. They then used this model to describe summer ‘moments’ of their own.
Below is a selection of their finished pieces. The whole collection can be found in the poetry display book in my classroom. We hope you enjoy reading these creations.
Miss Simpson

 Form 8 Poetry
In the First Days of Summer
by Oscar
In the first days of summer
The waves were wiping the sand
Away, like a cloth on a dirty table.
Whilst the sun was at its zenith,
Beaming down on us in almost a caring way,
But still as bright as the ball of blazing flames it is.
We were biting
The beef burgers, ripping them
Away from the barbecue.
I was relaxed in my deck chair
While watching the ripples hop, skip and
Jump over the languorous water
With little fishes racing each other
Like the horses in the Grand National.
In the First Days of Summer
by Finlay
The first day of summer
The sight of the green grass
Was sizzling my eyes
While I walked to the crease.
The sun was beating down
On us, the crease was cracked
Into tiny pieces, like a maze.
The fielders were shouting and bawling
The orders and directions,
But in the end,
I walked into the pavilion.
In the First Days of Summer
by Lucinda
In the first days of summer
The steady beat of my heart was pumping
As we emerged through the gate,
Hoof-beats bouncing off the ivy-smothered walls,
The gentle zephyr rippling off the reflecting river
As the cold swans followed the far-away glow
In the sapphire sky.
Passers-by tottered past, staring with disbelief
As we chucked the saddles against a sturdy oak
And mounted up once more.
When the calmed water touched the fluffy legs
A sudden rush of adrenaline hit me like
An aeroplane taking off.
The tingling sensation of my golden skin
Soaking up the distant glow of the glaring sun
As we danced into the water
Our mounts began to bob
Up and down like a steady rocking-horse,
Their gangly legs kicking like a frog’s
As they swam placidly through the tranquil waters.
Feeling like a hovercraft floating on air
Recalling previous summers, repeating the same,
Legs kicking through the dense liquid,
Slowly gaining on the gloomy silhouette of
The tree shadow, reflecting on the river.
In the First Days of Summer
by Elizabeth
In the first days of summer
The coppery gold sun
Rose into the deep welkin
Bleeding red light across the darkness.
Quietly, a zephyr susurrated
Through the trees, making
The leaves dance
And twirl.
Morning birds sang
As they were catapulted
Across the sky
Like a black silhouette on a
Fiery canvas.
The freedom of the birds
And the rich, fiery sun
Made me feel very small
As I stood and watched.
In the First Days of Summer
by Fergus
In the first days of summer
We let the cows
Outside from the clanky, metal shed
They had been in all year.
Watching the cows leap and jump
Around on the lime green grass
Seeing the lovely, cyan-blue sky
In the background.
They were in a field at the summit of the hill
So we could spot them from the house.
They were still prancing powerfully the next day
In the scorching heat.
It made me feel like an innocent prisoner,
Who has just been released,
After years of torture.
The tweeting of the birds heralds the summer sun.

Miss E Simpson, 16/04/2014

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