A Tale of Two Cities

In March 2013 pupils in the Upper School took to the stage with their performance of Dickens’ classic novel, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.  This excellent adaptation by Vivienne Carter and Dave Ross allowed the children to explore the emotions and political history of this turbulent time in history.  The characterisations by our senior pupils once again belied their years as we were treated to some incredibly insightful performances from our very talented upper school pupils.
Scott G starred as the dashing Charles Darnay along with Bryn H as the world-weary Sydney Carton.  It’s not the first time we have seen the presence of these two young men captivate an audience and they certainly did not disappoint on this occasion.  Francesca J wowed us with her interpretation of the bitter Madame Defarge and Kenny L yet again delighted us with his commanding performance as Monsieur Defarge.  The pairing of Susannah G-F as Lucie Manette and Charlie E as her father Dr Manette was convincing from the off and there was barely a dry eye in the house as they sang their beautiful duet ‘Recalled to Love’.   Mia H portrayed the protective and proper Miss Pross with great skill while Robert B was a convincing Marquis.  The supporting roles of Gaspard, Stryver, Sarah, Barsad and Jasper Lorry to name a few were instrumental in creating the tension and camaraderie of the French revolution and left us all believing we had been there and experienced it ourselves.  The chorus are to be commended for their flexibility in portraying both peasants and aristocrats and for their excellent part singing.
Thanks must once again go to the following:  Ms Wood for her astounding backdrop of the Bastille – possibly the first time a school production has had an original Batik created for them;   the amazing Mr Bell for his excellent stage management and for the creation of a truly brilliant guillotine; the costume department (Mrs Mulrooney, Mrs Lyons, Mrs Harvey and Mrs Shields) for the hours of work and expertise given and to all staff and parents who helped during show week.
Finally, the cast can be very proud of the fact that their efforts have once again helped a local charity.  This year more than £900 has been donated to the Borders Children’s Charity as a direct result of the performances the children staged.  A heartfelt thanks to all who contributed.
Miss K McRae

A Tale001 A Tale003
A Tale004 B85O9507
B85O9643 A Tale002
A Tale005 A Tale006
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Miss K McRae, 11/05/2013

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