Creative Writing Activity - 2012

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Following the success of last year’s creative writing group, many members of which placed highly at Glenalmond’s biennial prep schools competition, I am running this activity again on a Thursday afternoon.
In the first half of term, I have been joined by the intrepid band of Georgina, Adam L, Naomi, Ellen, Francesca and Elizabeth. The children have been planning either long stories or series of short stories using similar characters, themes or settings. Having used a variety of word and picture based inspiration methods, the team have started drafting, stopping from time to time to share their highlights and advise each other on matters such as characterisation, description and plot development.
Our aim this year is to publish some stories on the web to delight and thrill our rapt audience (that’s you).
So far we are working on: a courtroom drama, a ninja adventure, a thriller about disease outbreak on an island, a murder mystery set in the fashion world, a vampire spine-tingler and a head-scratching case set in a boarding school.
There is a good deal of drafting, editing, polishing and presenting still to be done, but watch this space for forthcoming samples of work by future bestsellers in the making.

Miss E Simpson, 20/09/2012

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