English Room Reading Records

If you’ve been listening to any members of Form 6 or 7 recently, you might well be wondering what on earth bricks and leaves have to do with reading a book.


In an effort to encourage private reading amongst their peers – and to brighten up the English room – these two forms have created some practical but stylish displays, which they invite you to visit. Form 6 are working on building a reading ‘wall’, while Form 7 focus on giving life to a reading ‘tree’.


f6 book wall

The Form 6 Reading Wall


Every time a member of the class completes a personal reading book, they create a ‘brick’ or a ‘leaf’ for their display. The different colours of leaves and bricks represent the different ‘teams’ in the class. Of course, reading should not be a race, and quality counts as well as quantity, but pupils have been finding that this competitive element encourages them to finish books that they might otherwise have discarded half-way through. Working in teams also provides a ready-made band of book advisors and lenders for those tricky moments when you can’t decide what to pick up next. 



f7 tree

The Form 7 Reading Tree


The displays themselves are proving popular with all visitors to the classroom, who can pick up tips about good reads, and be inspired by the effort these pupils are putting in. Longer book reviews and summaries in the St Mary’s Fiction Recommendations file back up the brick and leaf-shaped teasers!


Form 5 and Form 8 are thinking of the kind of creative shape they might design to help each other read, too, so watch this space…



Miss E Simpson, 20/02/2012

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