Creative Writing

Congratulations to our finalists in the Glenalmond Creative Writing Competition:

Sophie (Finalist's Commendation)

Ava (Bronze Award)

Georgina (Bronze Award)

Annabel (Silver Award) 

There was much buzz about the audience regarding the St. Mary's entrants, and I received a number of very positive comments from other prep school staff about the quality of our writing and our cheerful, enthusiastic demeanour on the day. My thanks to the family members who transported the finalists to Glenalmond and provided such excellent support.


A new competition has arisen - the Young Writers Mini-Saga Competition (Ages 7-11). The challenge here is to write a gripping story in only 50 words! Details are posted on the English Room door. Can I remind all potential competitors that this one will require a lot of re-drafting, and so first attempts should be with me as soon as possible. Those who are not currently doing Creative Writing in Activities time are welcome to come to my classroom during Thursday and Friday lunch break for guidance, provided this does NOT clash with prior commitments.


Miss E Simpson, 08/11/2011

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