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Support for Learning

Support for Learning

St Marys has a strong Learning Support Department which provides help for pupils with a range of specific learning needs.

We have a comprehensive holistic approach to learning in a calm, welcoming and positive environment.

Concentrating on individual requirements, support is tailored to the pupil depending on their level of need. Some pupils may require more help than others and St Mary’s can cater for a broad range of capabilities.

The process is nowadays more computerised which removes pressure from pupils on sitting a continual stream of tests and assessments. The focus is now placed more on their actual ability to read and write. Testing takes place on an annual basis for ability and achievement.

In addition to the specialist teaching offered by its Learning Support Department, St Mary’s promotes a whole-school approach to teaching and supporting any pupils with Dyslexia, or who simply arrive at the school with gaps in their knowledge. Gifted and talented pupils who have a particular talent or skill receive appropriate help to ensure that they learn to the highest level possible.


Our team of 6 experienced Learning Support staff are all educated to degree level and have previous teaching experience.

Support Programme for pupils

A complete Register of pupils who are receiving Support is circulated to all staff.

  • An individual programme is made up for each pupil who receives one to one support in the Department. These programmes are drawn up in consultation with relevant subject teachers, the pupil himself and if appropriate, parents. They are reviewed and updated twice a year.
  • Structured programmes are tailored to meet individual needs which may be delivered to individuals or to small groups.
  • The Learning Support Department also supports the work of class and subject teachers in the subject classroom, either by specially assigned assistance to pupils experiencing difficulties or helping the class as a whole.
  • The Department will offer advice to subject teachers on how to improve the effectiveness of learning and teaching, in particular for pupils with learning needs.

St Marys believes that regular liaison and communication with parents and teachers are fundamental to helping children reach their potential and welcomes regular interaction with parents.