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All the world’s a stage…

William Shakespeare

Drama is an integral part of the St. Mary’s School Creative Arts programme. With a long history of stage productions across the year groups, pupils are offered many opportunities to develop their performance skills and self-esteem in class and on the stage.


Throughout their years at St. Mary’s and through the outcomes of creating, presenting and improvising the Drama department aims to allow children to:

  • Gain skills in performance and interpretation in a fun, secure and supportive environment that values all contributions
  • Develop vocal skills, movement and expression
  • Gain an ability to explore, create and develop characters
  • Explore real and imaginary situations
  • Improvise within a scene or situation
  • Devise, rehearse and present performances
  • Develop an understanding of theatre technology

Programme of Study

All students from Kindergarten to Form 8 attend weekly drama lessons with the Director of Music and Drama. In the early years, pupils are introduced to the skills of creating, presenting and improvising through familiar childhood stories, topical and seasonal situations and drama games. As they progress into the Middle and Upper School, focused projects include the works of Hans Christian Anderson, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare.

We are proud to be able to include every pupil in a large-scale stage production in each year of their St. Mary’s career, as detailed below.

Kindergarten and Reception Nativity play
Pre-Prep Pre-Prep production (Summer term)
Forms 3, 4 and 5 Middle school musical (Lent term)
Forms 6, 7 and  Upper school musical (Lent term)