St. Mary's School

St. Mary's School

Meet The Staff

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School Management

Academic Staff

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Kindergarten Staff

Non-teaching Staff


Mr R Sinclair - (Chef)

Miss S Logan - Assistant Chef

Miss E Douglas - Kitchen Staff

Mrs A Laurie - Kitchen Staff

Mrs K McGurk _ Kitchen Staff

Miss W Scott - Kitchen Staff


Ms H McSorley - Domestic Staff

Mrs S Noble - Domestic Staff

Mrs R Redpath - Domestic Staff

Mrs A Tyerman - Domestic Staff


Miss S Pugh - Gap Student


Mr T Hill - Bus Driver

Mr N Smith _ Bus Driver

Mr W Thomson - Bus Driver

Visiting Staff



  • Mr S Black (Brass) 
  • Mrs C Bramhall (Singing)
  • Mr G Campbell (Chanter/Bagpipes)
  • Mrs L Coulson (Violin)
  • Mrs C Davis (Cello and Piano)
  • Miss L Ewan (Woodwind)
  • Mr L Heatlie (Guitar)
  • Mrs H Leach (Piano)
  • Mrs F Neary (Drunkit & Percussion)
  • Mrs C Smith (Flute)
  • Mr N Smith (Chanter/Bagpipes)