St. Mary's School

St. Mary's School

Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

Fees for Academic Year 2023/2024

Day Pupils

Forms 3 – 8 £6,518 per term
Reception, Form 1 and Form 2 £5,568 per term
Lower & Upper Kindergarten

£36 per morning

£52 per day, including lunch

Extensions to the morning Kindergarten session will be charged at £28 per session inclusive of lunch.

Optional Charge

Occasional Overnight Boarding
(Supervised prep, evening meal, bed and breakfast)
£35 per night
Evening Meal £6.00

Boarding Packages

4 nights per week per term £900
3 nights per week per term £700
2 nights per week per term £500
1 night per week per term £300


Main School (Reception - Form 8)

There is a 25% reduction on fees for a third child, based on the number of children attending St. Mary’s at any given time.

Any Family with four or more children will, once all children reach the age for Reception Class, receive a 25% discount per child, irrespective of how many children are attending St. Mary’s at any given time. This discount is offered alongside a commitment from the family to send all children to the School and the expectation that all pupils receiving this discount will carry on to the end of Form 8.


Whilst discounts do not normally apply to the Kindergarten, the discounts mentioned above may be applied where the third and subsequent children are attending Kindergarten full-time (i.e. 5 days per week).