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St. Mary's School



We invite you to get to know us better. Choosing the perfect school is a life-forming and life-enhancing decision. You will want to be confident that your choice is the right one.

We know that parents really appreciate the opportunity of visiting the School on a normal working day. If you would like a personal appointment to visit the School and meet our Headmaster, please do not hesitate to ask.

A personal visit will include a tour of the School and a meeting with Mr Liam Harvey, Headmaster of St. Mary's School. This will give you an opportunity to focus on your child's needs and gain an in-depth knowledge of how we can meet them.

Following the visit, parents then decide whether to register their son or daughter for a possible place at the School. Children who are registered are then invited to come to St. Mary's for a visit to meet their classmates and teacher. During this visit an informal assessment may be carried out, which helps to ensure that children are placed appropriately in the school. Firm places are offered after this visit has taken place, subject to availability.

Priority is given, where appropriate, to siblings and to children with other connections with St. Mary's.

St. Mary's is committed to widening access to the school and as such operates a non-selective entry policy.

Other ways to visit St. Mary's School

Come to a concert, show or sports match. For events that need tickets please contact the School Secretary. For details of events and sports fixtures, search the School Calendar.

For further information or to arrange a private visit please contact Julie Birdsall, School Secretary.

Telephone - 01896 822 517

Email -

We look forward to welcoming you to the school.